Wednesday, March 12, 2014

o trusty tread, an ode

o trusty tread
great friend o' mine
thou art
when dirty
treacherous ice
on my road sticks
you are, in your sturdy
machine-ness, there
to move
my legs, feisty and

though the world hates
you as if you
were sloth
you are not,
o trusty tread
trust, me.

though you are not grass
or rock or stream
you do not
pretend to be.
a job it is, you do
for me.

so thank

by fatgirlrunning


  1. Lovely poem! You are very talented :)

  2. This may actually be the best thing that I read all day.

  3. A fun late-day pick me up, I guess I am MUCH more thankful for my tread after reading this. ;)

  4. lovely ode to the treadmill, almost makes me want to like it :)

  5. Oh Treadmill! my Treadmill!
    our fearful run is done.
    Your belt has weather'd every step, the time we sought is done.
    The rest is near, the chimes I hear, of Runmeter's voice announcing
    While follow I the steady peal, my countenance grim and bouncing;
    But O Heart! Heart! Heart!
    O the dripping drops of sweat,
    Upon the belt of my Treadmill lies,
    Fallen cold and wet.