Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Confronting My Fears of Running Alone in the Woods

Are you someone who is afraid to run alone in the woods? I am, sometimes. I always seem to get spooked by some made-for-TV scenario I’ve conjured up in my very creative brain. That said, I love trails and I relish every moment I spend on them—that is, in a race with other people or while trail running with friends.
I’m finding that as I train for what will likely be the longest, most difficult event I’ve ever done the (Trans Rockies Run), that I have to do most of my training on trails if I am to be successful. And much of that training will probably be on my own.
I’ve decided to do an experiment. Over the next few weeks, I will work on confronting the fear that I have of running and hiking alone in the woods. And I'll write about it both here and in Women's Running Magazine.
How do you confront your fears when it comes to running?


  1. Looking forward to more posts on solo runs.
    One aspect in the mental courage - I am lacking that to start running in just my neighborhood, even if its 1.5 years since I moved. I feel like everyone is watching me from behind their windows :D
    Other physical aspect - any pre-cautionary steps, carriable items, self-fuel stations and route planning.

  2. I got a dog haha. And sometimes she is too annoying to run with so then I appreciate when I get to leave her at home. I also carry bear spray in the spring through fall.

  3. Good for you for getting out and running in the woods anyway!

    I also have an irrational fear of being alone in the woods. Except where I live, there are creatures that just might see me as a tasty snack. :) Maybe it isn't so irrational after all.

  4. I love your blog! I am a heavier runner too. I love trail running and dont normally worry about running in the woods. Trails are the best! Keep runnin and happy trails!

  5. I've been running in the woods for several years (though not so much anymore because my knees are wearing away as I get older). I live in an area with bears, cougars, etc., but I've always felt safe and at home in the woods, so I don't do much of anything except keep a pocket knife handy, and that's mostly just in case I come across any human animals who I need to protect myself from. I suppose I should start carrying bear spray, but it's heavy and bulky, not something I'd want banging around in easy access areas on a run.