Monday, May 16, 2016


The next few posts will be about TOUGH MUDDER!!!! I finished my first TM in Atlanta last weekend and I'm so stoked to be part of the Tough Mudder Legion. Can't wait for my next one!

This whole Tough Mudder business began in Mid February when I was asked by the folks at Merrell if I had any interest in doing one. I said "Yeah, sure" faster than my brain could stop the foolishness of my mouth (believe it or not, sometimes that happens...I know, right?)

 Turns out I made a pretty fantastic choice.
Hanging with Coach T Mud in Piedmont Park, Atlanta for the Tough Mudder Training event in March
A few months ago I had an enormous opportunity as a Merrell Global Ambassador to get COACHIFIED by Kyle Railton, AKA Coach T. Mud. Not only is Kyle the amazing motivator and face of Tough Mudder (what with his signature tight 80s ladies shorts, stacked TM headbands and hard-as -a-rock sculpted legs (and arms and everything else), but he is a gem of a human being who truly believes in the spirit of working steadily towards a goal, working as a team, and engaging in general badassery on a daily basis. I had a blast (albeit a DOMS blast) having him train me on already tired legs and arms for my first Tough Mudder. Here is the full length video from our Coachified session!

Stay tuned  this week for more on my spectacular experience!


  1. AWESOME VIDEO!!! Love Coach T (those shorts, that mustache, him hanging from a tree branch!) and I love your willingness and fun attitude toward that workout. What a great opportunity - glad you said yes!

  2. It would be so cool to train with Coach! I got to meet him and chat with him a bit while volunteering and he sure is hilarious!

  3. I loved that video - especially when your Coach is hanging from the tree and you're high-fiving him during planks. That's awesome.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experience with Tough Mudder. I'm guessing that I won't be able to say "NO" to such a race forever.

  4. Congrats!!!!

  5. The first thing I noticed in the pic was his shorts, haha!