Monday, October 26, 2015

Keeping My Eyes On The Prize

Today is Monday, October 26 and I'm going a little nuts. 

In less than a week, I will hopefully be at the starting line of my first 100K distance at the Javelina Jundred races in Arizona. I'm freaking out a little bit, but at least I finally purchased my plane ticket. I like to keep it, um, interesting and challenging...

I've been sick for over 2 weeks and my training has gone to shit. Also, someone has been stabbing me in my throat and in my left ear, too. Really.

My long runs have been null and void since October 5, when I did 15 hot and muggy miles with a friend (okay, I managed to do 12 today, but I still think that's cutting it close...)

Cross country has been sucking the life out of me. Chorus has sucked the voice out of me and has given me a very persistent case of laryngitis. Work in general has sucked the life out of me, and I actually love my job.

Did I mention that my training has been pretty much non-existent since the beginning of the month?
I can count on my hands the number of times I have run since then. The run that I did on my birthday felt great immediately afterwards. Then about an hour later, I felt really sick and shivery again. Yeah, that was fun.

Life and the cooties (mine and the boy's) got in the way, plus work, writing, and being interviewed , which is pretty awesome but oddly exhausting.

Also, my husband is currently working in his home country, Burkina Faso. Did you know that they recently experienced a military coup d'etat? Yeah, that. So the worry meter has been pretty high. It's tough to comfort your son when you don't even know if his dad is safe. (He is, just  Skyped with him the other day!)

So that has been my October.

But I am keeping my eyes on the prize. I didn't do all those races this summer for nothing, and I definitely want to have something to show for that effort. I'm going to trust my training and thank my body for making me take what was probably a much needed break, so that I'll be mentally and physically ready for the craziness this weekend!

As I said, I finally got a run in today. The running and chafing part of it weren't that pretty, but boy was it the prettiest run I've done in a while!

Check back later on this week for some more panicking about Javelina!


  1. Hang in there Mirna. I was where you are right now a month ago leading up to the Marine Corps Marathon, my first at age 60. I was nursing shin splits & had a bad case of bronchitis & couldn't run for a month...and yesterday I finished. You're a Warrior Woman who WILL endure...I know you can do this!!

  2. 100K?!?! Holy sh*t! Is there any end to what you can do? I'd say good luck, but you won't need luck. :) Looking forward to the post-race write up.

  3. You are inspiring how you manage to find something wonderful about what you are doing, even when you don't feel well doing it. Looking on the bright side of a bad situation is something with which I still struggle. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

  4. Go Mirna! Wow hadn't realized all of THAT was going on, but I hope a nice run in the Arizona climate and sun will do you good. Hope you all feel better (and get home safely!).

  5. I bet it is even tougher to be downed by stress and illness when you have so many new eyes on your running plans! I wish you good health and light feet to get through your race.

  6. Good luck with your race. I hope your husband gets back home quickly and safely.

  7. Those were some beautiful running views! I hope you feel better for you 100K. I'll be rooting for you to have a strong run <3

  8. All the best for your 100K ! Do well :)

  9. WOW!!! 100K, huh? You are badass! Good luck to you at Javelina! Here's a JJ100K race report I enjoyed, by another awesome funny back of the pack runner:

  10. Oops, my bad. The really funny report is actually for her first 50 miler:

  11. YOU DID IT!!! I totally results-stalked you and YOU DID IT!!!!

    WOOOOOWOOOOO! That is some industrial-grade, hardcore GRIT you have!

    Hope you're recovering, resting, and eating ALL THE THINGS this week!

  12. I just looked at the results. You finished! You and your body did not quit. You ran for an entire day and more. You are a strong woman. I am so proud of you! I hope you are recovering well. Please take care of your emotional state. I imagine it is a bit fragile right now.

  13. YAYYYYYY!!!!! You're amaze balls!!!! Congratulations Mirna! I, too, am going on week 5 of a brutal respiratory virus but OMG, I will NEVER talk myself out of a run again! So jealous of the beauty in your neck of the woods! Who WOULDN'T be inspired to run with those views? Keep on truckin'!!!!