Friday, March 24, 2017

NAILED IT: Skirts Sports Savannah Photo Shoot 2017

So honored to have Nicole DeBoom in my life!
A few weeks ago I drove down to Savannah to meet up with Nicole DeBoom (CEO and Founder of Skirt Sports), Kim Cook (Photographer Extraordinaire), and Jen Allen (Creative Skirt and Phenomenal Boss of Everybody), to participate in an amazing photo shoot for the Spring 2017 line Skirt Sports line. Before this weekend, I only knew Nicole via our initial phone conversations and our podcast interview. Meeting her in person was really special.

And wow! 

First of all, what an honor to get to be part of the campaign to promote sports apparel on bodies of women like me that are typically not (but increasingly so) represented in mainstream media. Secondly, um, I think I could do this for a living! Running, photos, amazing people, good food, and clothes that I actually wear? SCORE.

Also, to be in the presence of such a visually talented genius--I mean, how much awesomeness can happen in one weekend?
An absolute master of her craft!
Day 1
We stayed at Nicole's parents' beautiful home, and were treated to yummy breakfasts, sumptuous treats throughout the day, and delicious dinners--can we say Three Sisters Chili? (VEGETARIAN! And it was excellent! Yeah...I know, right?)

We got up super early to eat, receive coffee intravenously, and put on our skirts and capris for the morning shoot at Delegal Marina, on the southeastern-most point of Skidaway Island. It was very cold and windy. The sun had risen and was just beginning to warm up random spots on the docks. But we "girls" were ready to brave it all. I mean, this was an incredible opportunity to share our joy and fullest expression of physicality in clothes that we loved, clothes that fit, and clothes that were functional. We jumped. We ran. We did yoga. We walked together, all bodies and all shapes.

The light was perfect. (Pocketopia Capri in Persevere Print)

We ran on the docks and balanced precariously on shaky piers to get cool shots. We shot in groups and individually. And just when we started to get a lil bit sweaty, it was time for snacks and a light lunch before doing a group workout on the soccer field near the community's clubhouse.

Jump squats! (Lotta Breeze Capri in Sidewinder print)

Then we headed to the Savannah Rails to Trails spot. It was still fairly windy but warmer as the sun had had a chance to heat up the air. There was tons of damage to the trail from the previous year's Hurricane Matthew, but even in it's not-perfect state, it was still a thing of beauty. We walked a mile down the trail following our intrepid photographer, to a spot that featured perfect lighting, tall palm trees whose fronds whipped in the strong breeze, and sparkling water on one side of the trail.

New friendship! (Happy Girl Skirt in Persevere Print)

We did some more solo and partnered runs up and down the trail, forming and solidifying brand new friendships. And then for the piece de resistance of the day, we headed to Tybee Island for some beach fun! We shot a bit at a local restaurant that was decorated with fabulous colors and props. Afterwards, when it was about 45 minutes until sunset, we headed down by the shoreline to run in the cold water, splashing out in our Gym Girl skirts. Getting the perfect shot isn't always easy. In fact, it never is. 

What a great group of ladies! (Gym Girl Skirt in Clarity print)

Again. Again. One more time. Now start there. Wait for the wave. Run in a straight line. Don't splash too much. Smile. Don't cover your face. Again. Again. Again. Again. One more time. Nailed it.

Finally, we hung out and shivered in the chilly ocean breeze watching as Nicole frolicked in the cold water with a level of energy that almost nobody could match, and Kim crouched with the wisdom and stability of a meditating Buddha. For hours.

When we were done, we headed to a local Japanese joint in Savannah for some sushi and teriyaki, chatting about this and that and stuffing our faces with vinegared rice, raw fish, miso soup, and steaming green tea.

Day 2

Another early morning filled with bowls of thick Noosa Yogurt, granola and fruit. Good thing Nicole's parents believe in coffee because there was plenty of that to go around too.

We all drove to River Street on Savannah's waterfront to catch the gorgeous sunrise. A couple of slow moving barges with stacks of containers bearing names like Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk reminded us that we were in the modern world even though the old brick walls offered a weathered and historical backdrop to our whimsical colors and prints. I delighted in hanging off the back of the metal stairs. Others ran the cobbled streets. All of us laughed, joked, and delighted in the chance to spend a warm morning by the river in beautiful clothing that told some of the story of who we are and what we each represented.

Had to get some Tough Mudder Training in somehow! (Wonder Girl Dress in Clarity Print)
While some of the other girls were shooting, I took the opportunity to head back to Nicole's parents' to do my 12 miler back on the flat roads and golf-cart paths of Skidaway Island. At around mile 6, I met at guy who asked me what I was training for and thus began a two mile long conversation about mountain climbing, training, and the extraordinary focus and vision of endurance athletes. What a gift it was to talk with this sage, this wonderful, wise human placed near me by the universe! 

Took at break at Mile 11.5 of my 12 mile run to hang out at a cute little park.
After getting back to the house, I showered and noshed on some carrots and hummus before meeting Nicole and Kim at another place on the island to greet the sunset. 

We shot more pics of me and Nicole running as the sun began its dip into the horizon. And then, right before it was done with its descent, Kim shot these stunning pics. No words.

We finished the evening back at the house with some Malbec for me and Kim, incredible veggie lasagna, and then some more Malbec. Nicole surprised us by wanting to record an "unorthodox" podcast, and so we obliged! You might even hear me sing a little Italian Opera....

Day 3

This final early morning before heading to the airport was for finishing up odds and ends, back on Skidaway. There were expansive views of the marshes and many gnats. Mostly, I observed and marveled at what a cool thing this whole operation was and how I was surrounded by and connected to all of these absolutely formidable women.  

A photoshoot. For a thriving, woman-owned-and-run sports apparel business. That caters to a diverse range of body types, athletic styles, and well,  humans.

Nailed it.


  1. You can feel the energy in those pictures. Fun, but I am sure it was also hard work (again, again, again).

    1. It was tiring but in a really good kind of way. Like, I'm supposed to be here. My body matters. Again, again. One more time! It was great!

  2. What a fun shoot! Love the clothes, the enthusiasm, the settings. And Noosa yogurt - my favorite! Longing for the day they carry it near me (but Savannah's just two hours north, maybe that's near enough...)

    1. That's but a short I used to drive a long way to get to my favorite supermarket, every weekend!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE this SOOO much! Not only hearing about your experience, but the beautiful photos of REAL women that move. Skirt Sports never ceases to amaze me through the years. And, YOU are amazing! :)

    1. Thanks Shannon! So glad you liked it. What an experience it was to be around such phenomenal women. It was an honor to be a part!

  4. I love seeing a beautiful diverse camaraderie of women. All of you are encouraging and a great example of strong, confident, and amazing women. Thank you for sharing your photo shoot, especially in my paternal family ancestry home of Savannah with its majesty and beauty:)

    1. Ah! My maternal family ancestry is in Savannah, so it was a great opportunity to get a feel for where my grandmother was born and where my great-grandmother moved to from South Carolina! Thanks for reading!

  5. Super inspiring article, thanks for posting. I'm also training for a half marathon with SportMe marathon training app, which calculates distance, time, pace and calories.

  6. This is exactly what I needed to see. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and being so full of love and light. I think you just changed my life. I know you just changed my mind. Did my second TM in LA last Saturday, did great but doubting myself just the same. Will be in Chicago 8/26 for Toughest. Will you be there? Wouold love to mee tyou and be able to tell you how inspring you truly are. I don't actually know how to use all this social media stuff, in fact, have been quite happy ignoring it but will branch out! Molly

  7. You are beautiful in those pics (as I am sure you are too in real life) and such an inspiration for me ! I completed my first 10K yesterday, slowly but surely, and finished at 1:20:53. It was very sunny and very hot (Costa del Sol, 11 am starting time) on a course without shade, so it was damn hard. But many of your posts were in my head the whole time and I think this played a huge role in me finishing and with a better time than I had actually planned. I was just hoping to finish before the cutoff (1:30)...

    Muchas gracias chica, eres una inspiración. Sigue así por favor !

  8. 1:20 for a 10k is a great time! Well done you. I agree with the inspiration part and am also glad to have found the minervator!

  9. While I had read the story in RW, I just heard your Podcast with them - and you mentioned clothing that fit, so I had to come see who you were an ambassador for! Thank you for raising awareness - I love running (most days!) but hate that no one makes good plus size running wear... (except Fila at Kohls, I've had good luck there!) I see all of those other bloggers all about positive body image - and they are ambassadors for companies that don't make above a Large. So - thank you for being a good ambassador!