Tuesday, October 11, 2016



I am at the point in writing my book, A Beautiful Work in Progress, that requires me to live, eat, and breathe it every single hour of the day...of course, while managing work, being a mom..etc, and doing events. My manuscript is due on November 1, and that is just around the corner!

So I am taking a short break from blogging both here and on my Women's Running Magazine Page. I'll be back though!

In the meantime, come and say hi if you're at either of these events--message me on Insta or on my Facebook page!

October 23: Tough Mudder Dallas

October 30: Marine Corps Marathon

November 6: New York City Marathon

Can't wait to be back blogging regularly! It's been too long....



  1. Thanks for the update Mirna! I'd love to say Hi in NYC if I get a chance. I've been following you since the Runner's World story came out last year. You're a great inspiration and a really neat lady. Have fun & good luck with wrapping up the book! Diane Peschka

  2. Have a great time pulling your book together this month. The joy of crossing that finish line will be familiar...oh yes, a lot like finishing a major running event. I can hardly wait until it comes out and we can all enjoy the fruits of your effort.