Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thy Whole Self Beckons

I love writing haikus, and I love writing haikus about being outside, running, and getting my nature on. Being outside any time of the year, in any part of the world inspires such joy and freedom that sometimes I just have to write a poem about it. And then take pictures.

Here's one I wrote while huffing and puffing at altitude in Colorado Springs this summer-

Hot sun, face beaming
rubber sole on gritty stone
thy whole self beckons

Here's another one that I wrote after zip-lining in the Costa Rican Jungle through the mists of Monteverde. In a thunderstorm. Yeah.

Monteverde, Costa Rica Summer 2007, pre-recommitment to running

Pura Vida

Airborne as if winged
in saturated air
harness hurting

the rhythmic meeting of
cable and carabiner

the rhythmic meeting of 
cable and carabiner

over verdant

impenetrable forest

pure life

Do you write poetry about running? Or hiking? Or swimming? Or ADVENTURES? Share in the comments below!


  1. A couple from last year..

    Fall 2014

    Painting again I see
    You must have tired of the pinks and yellows and purples and green
    Especially the green

    So on to the gold and red and brown
    Time to set the forest afire
    Then rest

    But the sky
    Oh, the sky
    Your masterpiece
    Still impossibly incredibly blue

    Summers Dear John

    It's time this ended but I will try to be gentle
    A few leaves loosened from their anchors
    Tumbling down slowly
    Finding rest at your feet

    Flowers dimmed, sweet smells fading
    Peepers no longer call as often in the night
    Soon, no calls at all

    Most birds will go too
    Though some will remain
    Dressed in extra feathers and you in your fleece

    A gradual tilting away from the sun
    At first you'll hardly notice
    Until mornings bring chill and you consider turning on the heat

    Sorry for stealing light from your days
    But only a few minutes at a time
    Will you ever forgive me

    Everything will stop
    Except for time
    Which is the only thing that will put distance
    Between you and what I've done

  2. Wow! I think on my next hike I am going to try and write a haiku!