Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Podcast Pandemonium

When there's pandemonium in your life, go to the woods and play like a child fence-climbing in Brooklyn...or listen to a podcast! Photo by my brother Allen Taylor Jr. Runkit: Capris, shoes, and top by Merrell. Socks by Swiftwick. Pack by Camelback, Shades by Walmart. 

In the last almost two years, I've had many incredible opportunities to share my running and fitness story with really cool people on a variety of podcasts. In this post, I've put them all on one page so if you ever want to have some company on a run, while you're cooking, or while you're driving that interminable drive home (or to a race), here's a start!

The latest podcast was the Runner's World Show with David Willey, who I got to meet IRL at the Runner's World 50th Anniversary Party in NYC. It's episode #42 and is called Breaking the Mold. 
What a heady experience it was to talk to the Editor in Chief of Runner's World Magazine! I also got to meet Bart Yasso that night too...whew!

My friend and chill as hell RD AKA Run Bum, Sean Blanton, and Ryan Ploeckelman interviewed me for the East Coast Trail and Ultra podcast. It was a hilarious interview with some F-bombs just in case you're concerned about that.

CEO of Skirt Sports, and former pro-athlete, Nicole DeBoom and I had a great conversation about the Health at Every Size Movement on her Run This World Podcast a few months ago in December. Listening to her podcast, I always appreciate her incredible insight and incisive commentary about well, everything. Even though the folks on her show are typically all athletes of some sort, the show really hones in on different aspects of being great and owning your greatness, spreading nuggets of wisdom on living life in a big way, giving back to our respective communities and paying it forward, and generally being good humans with the best mental, emotional and physical health we can have. I've been obsessed lately with Nicole's eclectic and highly interesting mix of folks from all walks of life. Once you start listening, you won't want to stop.

I also had the chance to chat with Martinus Evans of the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast. His podcast is interesting in that he asks about weight loss but doesn't focus the entire narrative on it. His guests talk about running, training, issues related specifically to being heavier runners, and the the lessons learned from being on the running journey. Definitely worth a listen!
Lana Simmons of the Size Human Podcast that is focused on body positivity and Health at Every Size, interviewed me, and we talked about a range of things! Here's that show.

This podcast with Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell of Another Mother Runner was the second podcast I did after the Runner's World piece on me and my running life was published in the summer of 2015. That July, both RW and Women's Running Magazine featured larger runners and the world responded!

The very first podcast I did was with the guys over at Connect Run Club Podcast. I was so nervous (my mother told me as much, as she listened to the Skype interview from her bedroom because she's nosy...) but it ended up being really fun, and I got my first glimpse of what a busy year of interviews it would be!


  1. I love your blog and thanks for all you do to inspire us all!

  2. So glad I stumbled across an article you wrote one day. I definitely can relate to a lot you share and can't wait to listen to the podcasts!

  3. HI Mirna, just discovered you! I'm also a big chic who loves to run (I Googled "fat girls who love to run) and you came up. You are an inspiration! Now I really feel like I can do that tough mudder and half marathon I've been dreaming about.

  4. I am SO excited to find your blog! I use to be what I self describe as skinny. My BMI was never within the "healthy" BS range but I was a runner, ate healthy, felt good. Then I had 2 kids and I was 85 pounds heavier than my pre- first baby-runs. I have tried for years to "lose weight" so I could run again and I finally decided screw this! I just want to run again. Screw the "weight loss" I need to make before training. I am 5 weeks into a Couch to 10k training program and I'm SO happy! I've lost 30 pounds (as a bonus not due to trying) and went down two full dress sizes. It doesn't even compare to how AWESOME I feel everytime I finish a run, and all the energy I have back now. Thank You for all your inspiration. My next goal is a half marathon!

  5. I discovered your blog just a little bit ago after reading the story, I <3 Run, posted about you on fb. You are awesome. screw the hater who sent you the email. If you run you are a runner. Period. Size, age, weight, speed, distance...none of it matters. I always joke that I run slower than most people walk. It's all good. Real runners get it. <3

  6. Great, inspirational blog. Let nothing hold you back!

  7. I just found out about your blog and I'm enjoying finding out your journey and yes getting a bit inspired. Since you're training for a trail run I thought you might enjoy a documentary on Netflix called "The Barkley Marathons, The Race That Eats Its Young". It's a crazy hard and interesting trail race in the woods of TN that almost no one ever finishes.

  8. Hi I don't usually write on people's blogs but I read your response for one hater in women's running (I actually saw it on Yahoo I don't run, I walk very fast ��) but I got goose bumps!!!! Thank you!! Your response was full of love and that is truly a gift!! I shared on my Facebook page because I loved it so much (again not normal)!! To turn someone's garbage into a beautiful message and use it for unity and empowerment is something that everyone desperately needs these days!!! Thank for giving me goosebumps today!! Your message will stick with as I puff my inhaler head out on my next long but fast walk!!!!